Vegetables, Herbs & Flowers

Farmer Nick believes in natural methods of farming. Our gardens are hand dug. We use companion planting in which plants that help each other grow are planted close together (for example , tall plants can shade shorter plants that don't need full sun, or some plants can repel pests that may hurt other plants). We never spray our vegetables with anything and we only use natural fertilizers. To keep the soil full of nutrients, we do not weed but use a chop and drop method as not to disturb the root system of the plant we are growing and ensures that the produce is packed with nutrients provided by the soil's microorganisms instead of conventional fertilizers.

Shiitake Mushrooms

Farmer Nick inoculates oak logs in early spring. Six months later harvests the shiitake mushrooms which are available at the farm's Country Store periodically throughout the summer. Shiitake mushrooms have many health benefits such as boosting the immune system and support heart health. 


Our blueberry orchard consists of 1200 blueberry bushes. Farmer Nick has been working hard to bring back the neglected blueberry orchard. Our blueberries are totally organic.  We have pick your own blueberries for $5/lb. Blueberries that we have picked for you are $5/pint.


As with the blueberry orchard, the apple orchard was also neglected requiring the same care and hard work to remove the bittersweet and prune. In 2018  we were rewarded with our first apples. We are working on identifying the apples we have. We have found historical sketch plans on the years the apple trees were planted but not the varieties or where they are located. 

      We will continue to assess how often we spray  and what to spray so that we can bring you the healthiest apples possible.