Farm Raised Meats

Organic Meat Chicken

Our whole chickens are pasture raised, happily feeding on bugs, vegetation and organic grains. Non-GMO, antibiotic free, no hormone, USDA packaged. Raised right here at Douglas Orchard & Farm.

 Treat your family to the very best! Don't miss your chance to put these delicious local farm raised chickens on your family's table.
Chickens are $5 per pound. 



Our farm raised pork will be available  mid-October in our Country Store.  Knowing that our pigs have been well cared for and have had a happy life is all part of farming as it should be as is knowing where your food comes from. 

Our cuts:  pulled pork, baby back ribs, riblets, loin chops, rib chops, trotters, ham hock, kielbasa, breakfast sausage, hot and mild sausage. Smoked hams and bacon  too!


Lamb will  be available mid-October in the country store. Raised right here on the farm. Our lambs graze happily on no spray fields. Many cuts are available. 

Organic Turkey

Still taking orders for our 2019 farm raised organic turkeys. There is a limited number so hold yours today. $30 cash or check to hold. $4/lb.

Alpaca Meats

Morning Beckons Farm  supplies us with alpaca meats including ground, fancy cuts,  sausages, bratwurst, snack sticks and jerky. 


We are pleased to have beef from Overpass Farm in Uxbridge, Ma. Their Hereford cows are grass fed and grain finished.