What's New

Farm Tours


 Nick will give insight into the farm and his farming methods during the Farm Tours. Farm tours available by appointment. $30 for 4 or less/ $5 additional per person.The tour last 45-60 minutes. Call ahead or email us at douglasorchardandfarm@gmail.com to set up a tour time.



Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an opportunity for you to partner with us by buying a "share" of the next season's harvest at the beginning of the growing season. When CSA members pay for an entire season of produce upfront, the farmer is better able to plan for the season, purchase new seed, repair equipment and more. In return, you receive a weekly share of nutritious, farm fresh produce.

Organic Turkeys


We are taking 2019 Turkey orders now. There will be 20 organic turkeys available at first come first serve. Our turkeys range from  20-28lbs approximately. Cost is $4/lb.

Apple Orchard


 Though our apples don't look pretty on the outside we are proud to know you will be getting a healthier apple since we minimally spray our apples with non-restricted fungicides/pesticides. We plan to continue to strive for just that as we assess what we spray and how often. 

Organic Chickens


Treat yourself and pick up one of Nick's Chicks, pasture raised and supplemented with organic feed! 

 Our plump chickens weigh on average 6lbs. Cost is $5/lb and worth every penny for the amount of meat that is on them. Know where your food is grown.

Check Event Calendar


Keep informed on what's happening at the farm by checking out our event calendar.

We are encouraging the community to use the farm for their own events too. Any groups, scouts or teams are using the farm for their fund raisers. Local performers of any age or talent are encouraged to utilize the Pavilion on Saturday's 9-5pm in the summer to showcase their talent for free.  Remember we are here for the community.

Douglas Farmers Market Moves to Our Farm for 2019 Season

The Market will run from June 15th through September 28th, every Saturday from 9am-12pm.

Enjoy music while shopping at the market.

-Ample parking

-Wheel chair accessible bathrooms

-See the farm animals

-Douglas Library story time

First Market Events on June 15th

-Rhubarb Challenge

-Enjoy the Grey Whisker Packers Band on the Pavilion. An acoustic honky-tonk good timing' band.

Outdoor Yoga Coming This Spring

Enjoy the fresh air at the farm during our outdoor yoga classes. As soon as the weather is warm enough we will be offering yoga classes on Werdnesday eve at 6:30pm and on Sunday morn at 8am. The yoga instrustor is Sharley Hillgardner. Registered Yoga Teacher- RYT200.